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Una palestra per il lavoro - Job club

Friday, November 26th, 2010

cartolina_job-club_2010_fronteJob club-Una paestra per il lavoro” it is a project supporting the female work qualification and requalification. It has been founded by Equal Opportunities Service and youth policy of the FVG Region.

The target is represented by all women living in the Municipalities of San Daniele del Friuli, Forgaria nel Friuli, Fagagna, Majano and Ragogna, which would like to get expertise in order to get back in the working world or to create a new job.

The central point of the project is the “Job Club”. The first step is represented by a single interview with the women concerned in order to get what her needs are. Following the interview the person concerned receives several vouchers, thanks to these she will be able to take part to the courses.

The project aim is to gain expertise in order to get easely to the working world.

Every course is made up of 4 parts, which are repeated 5 times, one in each Municipality. Every person concerned can attend the course among the location.

For further information please write to or call 0432.204443, or visit our fb group “JOB CLUB - Una palestra per il lavoro”

Training courses

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Individual and group consultancies are going to start in short time on:

•    Role of the individual in an organization with proficiency, efficiency and potential evaluation, self assessment, thought-provoking interactive methodologies;
•    Diversity management: The difference as a wealth for the organization, a solution for job actions, equal opportunities;
•    Priorities analysis and time management for time optimization;
•    Strengths Analysis and Problem Solving;
•    Public Speaking and meeting management;
•    Work groups, motivation and negotiation.

And more!